The World is a Better Place

Essay Collection Project

In the 100 plus years Montessori education has been supporting human development, the children receiving this gift have grown up to contribute to their communities in untold ways.

Let’s tell the stories of these individuals, who, one by one, are impacting the very fabric of the society in which we live.

“Amid the shadows of doubt and fear that hang heavily over the human race, we can now catch a glimpse of the light that will dissipate them, because a new society is already coming into being. A new humanity for a new world is already being born.”– Maria Montessori

How You Can Help

Our goal is to collect the stories of Montessori educated adults whose lives demonstrate the arrival of a new society. To do so, we need help reaching Montessori alumni worldwide.

  • Help distribute a short survey to any and all alumni networks.
  • If you are an alumni yourself, please fill out the survey as well.
  • Click here to find the survey.
  • Please email for more information.

Once collected, we will compile these stories into a book of hope and inspiration, to show how the world already is a better place.

Thank you!

“The World is a Better Place” Team, Jacquie Maughan and Emily Daggett

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